The logic behind is very easy to understand and with a simple example will suffice for you to understand it in detail.

Suppose you find a affiliate program for a great product and you decide to recommend it to generate commissions.

They give you your personal affiliate link, something like this:

Then, you carry out your promotional tasks such as:
  1. Send a massive message to your lists with information and your affiliate link.
  2. Give some training or course in PDF with your affiliate link embedded in it.
  3. Make comments on blogs or forums with information and your affiliate link.
  4. And after several days, a long etc.
You've done an excellent job of promoting but ...

View the following...

Suppose after finishing your work, the platform on which you are affiliated sends you a message indicating that you have changed the system by which you tracked your referrals (as has already happened with important companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, etc.) and you Indicates that your previous link will be inactive and that you must go through your new link to your members panel.


Many people will click on the links of your messages, your ebooks, your comments and possibly be redirected to the main page of the product or service you are recommending but not counted as your reference.

In some other cases you will see a fallen page and this will give you a bad reputation, in addition to not gaining any gain by reference.

Now, visualize the following...

Through our platform, you can get a lifetime link that you can use to start this way:

Point to:

If at any time the affiliate link changes or disappears, the problem is solved in a very simple way since your public link of will remain the same and only have to change the final destination where it is aimed.


Now it aims at:

This way, your links will always lead to a destination that is convenient and productive for you and your pocket.

Acquire your now and tell BYE FOREVER to the loss of commissions for dead references.